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Ammo Shortage 2020 | 5 Reasons why it's happening.

Im circling back to this topic. Why? Because it is a popular topic that has a lot of interest. Not only by my own subscribers, but by myself as well. In this video, I talk about 5 reasons why I believe the ammo shortage is happening.


Tips on how I score ammo. Sales of firearms are at an all time high and ammo there's a major shortage. Many first time buyers gearing up to protect themselves and family in case SHTF in the upcoming months.

Are YOU Ready to Defend Your Home?

Preppers are YOU Ready to Defend Your Home? Everyone should have a well thought out bump in the night kit ready and within reach at all times. A bump in the night kits saves you time and could save your life in the event of a home invasion and or other physical threats to your family, your life. and your property.

Ammunition is Very Scarce, I Recommend Getting a 12GA Shotgun

5 Things To Get Before the Dollar Crashes

With economists warning that the dollar is facing major problems, here are 5 alternate currencies you should consider getting now.

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