Coronavirus outbreak: Hundreds protest COVID-19 lockdown measures across the US

From Texas to Washington, hundreds of Americans defied all medical advice to join protests against lockdown measures across the country meant to keep them safe during the coronavirus outbreak. Many of the protests have blended calls for defying government tyranny with calls for Trump’s re-election. The protests have mixed legitimate calls for economic help during the stay-at-home orders, and then there are bogus conspiracy theories about the virus, often while ignoring public health advice measures meant to prevent its spread. "I eat the right food I take vitamins, I drink the right water, vitamin D, vitamin C, it's been proven already. So we have everything that we need - we don't need a vaccine," one protester told reporters at a protest in Washington. State health officials have warned that a premature return to business-as-usual will result in a spike in infections of the novel coronavirus.


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