CPS Child Trafficking Causes Father Suicides

"I am fed up with non-communicators and liars. Those in power steal kids ACCORDING TO THE LAWS IN PLACE! The system trafficked my son to a hospital and put him into medical experiments without me even knowing.

My son was in a coma for a week and no one even called me. I am sorry for the aggressive video but the bottom line is it is how I feel and think since not seeing my son. Are we still allowed to express our feelings on this planet? I used to be very happy until the COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO CPS, became involved in my life. I've never met more liars in my life than when I became involved with lawyers and the court "process." Everything regarding the custody of my children is a lie and I am going to use this channel while I am still here to put what I've experienced by the san diego legal community, including court employees, county lawyers, a court-appointed attorney, private lawyers, and Christians mother into the light.

Lawyers are liars in my experience. They steal kids in my opinion and use it for their financial GAIN. They "award" children at the courthouse, do they not? It's pathetic. I've told nothing but the truth to all these people, BUT I was lying to myself and i must purge that lie. I've been telling everyOne around me that I'm "fine." I am not fine, I am suicidal because I can't visit my best friends, my sons, Christian and Jacob. I love my children immensely and when a father is disconnected from his children then a huge imbalance occurs and I need to acknowledge that. I lied and I am here to admit it.

I can't move physically because I am so depressed. My sons meant everything to me and they are being programmed against me and its sad to see. Recent court filings have caused me to want to be done with this planet of lies and deceit. If everyOne could just tell 100% the truth then this world would look completely different. (right jason? negligence you say? you stole from christian and jacob) Instead, lying is the norm and I want no part in that. I am purging a lie and it is that I think about killing myself everyday, all day, because I can't see my sons. Many lawyers told me the juvenile court is just a "good ole' boys club" and I didn't know what they meant over the years, but its obvious what they meant.

We live in a system of bribes and deceit and its destroying to our children. Time to fess up everyOne. God bless and I hope to meet Nancy one day and give her a big hug. God bless you sweetie. I hear the scream of the kids IN foster care as well and I am crying right now thinking about it. I love you christian and jacob if I never see you on this planet again. I'll be waiting for you on the other side. Love, YOUR PAPA. CPS CHILD TRAFFICKING NEEDS TO END BUT GOING TO BE A TOUGH ONE BECAUSE A LOT OF THOSE HOMES ARE USED BY THOSE THAT MAKE THE LAWS IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. PEDOS. EVERYWHERE."


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