DAD VS CPS - CPS KIDNAPPING DOCUMENTARY- case worker brings an order (No Judge)

DAD VS CPS ***UPDATE *** CPS KIDNAPPING DOCUMENTARY. The case worker Angela Ochoa came back with a phoney court order yesterday.

The judges name was never REVEALED and I finally caught a cps case worker and CPS using paperwork that wasn't even filed properly or legal. No stamps or first hand witnesses. It took a whole week to get this so called court order. WATCH HOW She is exposed. She can't even remember the judges name who she claims signed it. The only way she could have gotten this order was if she went in front of a judge herself as a first hand witness to any actual claims. And she cant even do that because she is still saying those are allegations.

She even submitted under oath that everything on her affidavit including the allegations are facts. San Antonio, Texas police assisted her and didn't even question her the validity of the court order or verify if a judge actually signed it. The biological property or baby Escobar is still with the family. I will take you in deep in on the true Corruption that exists with Texas CPS. Message to CPS there will be no contracts with you and the penalty of perjury will be acknowledged. YOU ARE DEFACTO, kidnappers and child Traffickers. CPS you are not real government.


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