DeepState Kangaroo Family/DV Courts, ACS-CPS Sex Trafficking-Experimenting-Drugging Millions of Kids

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Kids 4 Cash, kids 4 sex trafficking kids for guinea pig Big Harma experiments Kids for Child porn, prostitution Kids for experiments in psychiatric institutions Kids for spirit cooking, SRA- satanic abuse, & MkCulture DEEPSTATE Fam Court & CPS child trafficking, SRA, MKCulture and guinea pig kids-System is not BROKEN. IT’S FIXED!

*How many children end up dead after being judicially kidnapped by ACS, CPS, & Deepstate judges from Family Court-Foster care INDUSTRY every year??? *MKCUlture - Manufacturing Mental Illness, Drugging millions of children:9 of 10 kids develop IRREVERSIBLE MENTAL Illnesses after ACS-CPS- Judicial kidnappings and trauma base mind control tactics. Planned Chaos. * Honorable Luciferian masonic-judges are mass incarcerating law abiding children, moms, & Good dads by design Good dads Contact FCLU Sebastian Doggart if this happened to you.

This Diabolical evil & spiritual warfare hub against 10 million+ precious kids/yr. *These Judicially KIDNAPPED children are strategically pipelined by this Secret Pedophile Empires-Fam Court Judges & CPS into Porn, Prostitution, Prisons, Psychiatric Institutions, Psychological-sex tricks MKCulture, and PsychoTropic warfare leading to dangerous drug & Opioid addictions in Teens & Adulthood *3- 6Millions of children a year are being TRAUMA BASED MIND TORTURED after being CPS-Judicially kidnapped from good-safe-mom by the LIES, LIES, LIES of Best Interest, healthcare, therapeutic services *90% are ending up in ELITE child porn rings, sex trafficking, as "guinea pig kids" for Big Harma medical experiments, on PSYCHOtropic warfare mind control drugs, and countless end up Mysteriously DEAD -after being sprit cooked & kidnapped by fam court judges & CPS.

Domestic VIOLENCE CRIM MANIPULATION up Child rape, suicidal homicidal killers, rapists, violent abusers getting sole custody. DV HOAX-PAS: *Family Courts, ACS & CPS will INVENT any lie they can to steal away children. They will manufacture and INVENT evidence, and pay people to join in even as fake EXPERT witnesses to FAKE crimes they invented & never witness.


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