DHS/CPS Philadelphia Police illegally take our children pt.3

In this final video you will see DHS and the Police illegally taking my children from our home the Srgt. Of the 7th district used illegal unlawful intimidation tactics and told me they would come into my house and take my children forcefully and I would be arrested with no warrant, no court order, and no reason!

So I felt like after an hour and 45 minute standoff with DHS and the Police I had to comply, my children were already beyond upset and confused I didnt want to put them through anything more then what was happening so I complied! That night they were taken to my mother's their grandmother and we were told by the judge to attend parenting classes and subject to random urons and July 15th we will be reunited with our babies,well we have done every class and every uron is clean my wife and I have 8yrs sober and we are on a methadone maintenance program and it is prescription legal medication my wife was targeted for being on methadone when we had our newest babygirl in October and it is harassment and complete bullshit! It is a prescription medication that is 100% legal and monitored at a program daily, there was no abuse, no neglect, no case at all!

But we see our babies twice a week 2hrs a night for visits since they have been with my mom since January but our babies will be coming back to us July 15th feels like forever but we cant wait they haven't been apart more then a day since our children were born! We have a 6yr old daughter, our son will be 5yrs old this month, and our newest babygirl going on 5months old we cant wait until they are back with us come July 15th! Then these pricks are gona have to deal with our lawyer for what they put us through!! But Please Like and Subscribe and check out all my others videos if you haven't and stay tuned keep watching theres always more to come Thanks alot everyone for the love and respect you give me on my videos! God Bless You All!


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