HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE / HOW SPONSORED POSTS WORK / EXPOSING THE BEAUTY COMMUNITY / ONLINE FRAUD / MY TRUTH I was so incredibly fed up after seeing a tweet today by James Charles that I had to make this video immediately. I wanted to put a lot of thought in to my Secret World of Social Media Influencers series, but after what I saw today, I couldn't wait. In todays video I explain to you about social media marketing from an Influencers perspective, as well as from the perspective of someone that works in marketing and has seen first hand the way that Influencers avoid disclosing their sponsorships in order to get paid more. It is NOT ok to accept a brand sponsorship and fail to disclose that what you are saying is a paid endorsement. It's even WORSE to accept a sponsorship to purposefully shed negative light on another brand, in order to benefit the brand that is paying you. YES, this DOES happen. I hope you understand what i'm trying to address in todays video, and that there are some people online that are constantly breaking the law and getting away with it, because of how difficult it is to police things like sponsorships.


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