HOW MUCH AMMO IS ENOUGH AMMO? - 2020 Ammunition Shortage

With the lockdowns, the media reported on a surge in firearms sales across the United States. Fast forward to now, and everyone is looking at each other asking “where did all the ammo go?” Online retailers are out of stock (and if they're not, stop reading this and buy some), you can't get boxes from stores (and if you can, you probably are unable to do so in bulk quantities - if you are, contact me), and what ammo is available is either limited in quantity or highly priced. According to folks in the ammo/manufacturing industry, demand at this time, is roughly 10x higher than during the 2013 ammo shortage.

Some suggest that we may even be facing a greater shortage than that in the 90s during the assault weapons ban. Price gouging is at an all time high, as is demand. We are facing an unprecedented shortage in the sense that never before have we been in a shortage prior to going into an election, which in its own right will cause a shortage of its own. Do what you can now, get your things in order, prepare for the worst and hope for the best In this video we cover how much ammo is enough ammo, where to get it, whether to stock or shoot your ammo, and what is a minimum amount a person should keep for potentially rough times.

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