Introduction to Dirty Cops

Cops have "quotas" to maintain: So many searches a month to make, drugs, money, and more. They do this by violating your 4th Amendment rights. This is how they "fund" their illegal activities ... they are just "bullies with badges", nothing more. The majority of people don't trust cops anymore. I don't blame them one bit! Do you believe that being a "Law Abiding Citizen", is going to help you? No. If you obey every law on the books (including the Immoral laws), then you are not law abiding, you are a "SHEEP", following blindly anything law enforcement tells you. They are NOT THE GOOD GUYS!

Any more, you don't have to do anything wrong. The cops will find you if you're not educated, and arrest you and whatever you do, don't reach for your comb or you will certainly get shot. Their Captain tells them "If the officer feels threatened in any way, they can shoot you or use deadly force." This is a permission slip from their own captain that tells them it's ok to do it. Maybe you haven't been messed with by the Cops yet. Maybe you say "I haven't SEEN it in my neighborhood" or "The Cops are here to help us, not hurt us", or you say "This has always been going on". Yes, it has always gone on but people don't seem to understand the "rate" at which it's happening now. You need to educate yourself, and I would recommend that you do it quickly. I have a direct download from this site, for YOUR Bill of Rights, or you can follow this link:

Just contact me if you have any questions. I'll do what I can to help.


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