Kidnapped American Children FOR SALE by C.P.S. = slave Trafficking

Christi and Andrea had their Children KIDNAPPED at USA TAX-Payers Expense, NOW they are FOR SALE, [adoption] On Second thought, a weekly Tv show produced, copyrighted, since May 2000 in Santa Maria, exposing the massive corruption in C.P.S. paid for by USA government and a failed judicial system, which violates the Constitution.

CASH for KIDS on Judicial steroids. TIME TO PUT A STOP TO C.P.S. Kidnaping. Child Protective Services is just child imprisonment and SLAVERY... Human trafficing. Most Parents don't know they MUST demand a JURY trial of parents by declaration and before first appearance, if their children have been Kidnapped before a trial by a jury of their peers, has ruled. C.P.S. is a ANTI-American Cancer kidnaping children and selling them as if they were slaves.

We should Keep records of all those who work in C.P.S. kidnaping [dis] services, and when the day of RESTORATION comes, and we form our "WE THE PEOPLE" Grand Jurys, we testify that these CPS employees are guilty of the death, torture, humiliations, perjury, slave trading, and false imprisonment, and ISSUE ARREST WARRANTS, and send out OWN Militia to "take them into custody" where their victims can testify against them, and a Jury can find them guilty and OUR judge sentence them for HIGH TREASON, to be executed within the hour, in front of the nearest court house.

Judges are not immune when WE THE PEOPLE, as a Grand Jury say they are NOT. How many Children will "dis-appear" in the C.P.S. System and end up as sex slave of gay couples, or just plain dead, and their CPS records then shredded.


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