LA Angel's Tent City: The New Face of Homelessness

We are in a homelessness CRISIS and the faces of the homeless may surprise you. Help us document and support the new faces of homelessness and those at need in an effort to shed more light and awareness on this growing issue. "Tent cities" are popping up all over America at rapid speeds (The National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty announced that research showed a 1,342% increase in homeless encampments reported between 2007 and 2017). I and my producing partner Mitch Koss got to check out the controversial Los Angeles Angel's Tent City located in Anaheim, California where more than 1,000 people are said to call this area "home."

Within minutes, we met a 34 year old college educated single Mom born and raised in Orange County, aka "The OC", who is now 6 months in to living in her tent. She let us film inside her tent so we could show you this dangerous living environment. Also, I get tempted to buy a bicycle from "Mike's Bikes", another locally born and raised OC native millennial now 3 years into living in tent city. He lives in a sub camp with his brother a contractor short on jobs and his fiancee who works full time in a local store. Perhaps the reason why California, New York, Florida and Washington state account for so many homeless people is that homelessness is no longer simply the result of mental illness and / or addiction -- which it mainly was starting in the '80s when the mental ill were "de-institutionalized," that is, tossed onto the streets, so the public didn't have to pay for their care.

Today homelessness is looking more and more like the result of income inequality, and the rising unaffordability it brings. For example, the state of California has the world's 6th largest economy, which means there's a lot of accumulated wealth here. But last fall, the US Census Bureau said that when cost-of-living is factored in, California has the highest poverty rate in the nation, nearly 1 in 5 people... And nearly 1 in 8 residents of the US living in California: Your financial support is SO APPRECIATED. My vision is to give these forgotten / ignored neighbors a voice, a platform, and an opportunity to succeed. PLEASE SHARE. THANK YOU.


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