Roseburg, Oregon CPS AND POLICE DEPT refusing to file a police report

My daughter had a bruise from the top of her lip to the back of her throat they claim a sipper cup did it, the CPS worker also lied and says my daughter has no rash. She had one so bad her little butt was bleeding. They took my visits because they claim this caused an uproar in the building with other visits.

This police officer walked to a room with CPS worker before coming in to check on my child. 5 days later they filed the report after I called and said I was going higher than them. This is injustice for our children. This CPS and the local pd work together to sidestep the parents of children they have stolen unlawfully. The local court doesn't allow you to be heard either. I was hung up on before I got to even ask for my visits back by the judge. I have this recording also. Title 18 sec 242


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