Things We Need To Fix In America To Avoid Civil War

"Civil War" is a common topic discussed among preppers. With the ever increasing violence and social/political unrest many people wonder when the country will reach a breaking point. While I believe it's import to discuss the prepping aspect of such an event I think it's equally important to evaluate how we got here and what we can do as a society to avoid it.

I believe our biggest issue as a nation is that we no longer have a shared set of values and priorities that unite us. We can differ in religius beliefs, cultural backgrounds, politics etc as long as we share similar core values as Americans. Unfortunately there seems to be a noticeable divide in how people view the country and what their own personal responsibilities are.

I would love to see us get back to a time that emphasizes the importance of family and empowers people to want to contribute to society rather than just taking from other people. We need to eliminate cancel culture and stop trying to make everything about race or gender. We also need to practice forgiveness more and not use isolated past incidences to define a person's entire life or career.

We need to stop looking for reasons to hate one another.

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