This Man Saves Her Life From Nightmare Cop

About my mother's medical condition, approximately 8 month ago she was struck with a stroke so she was in the hospital for about 2 weeks, and then transferred to recovery center. First month of recovery she could not even lift her leg while lying on the bed and would not speak at least 3 months.

Then it got better but not a 100%, her speech is blurry to some point sounded like a person will talk after a few drinks, but she speaks clearly enough to have a normal conversation under non stressful condition, she became very weak and slow, she can't even lift a gallon of milk but mentally she is 100% fine and there is nothing wrong with her or her driving abilities. Approximately after 5 months, she fell and broke her right hip, it was replaced with some type of artificial hip replacement part. Once again she was in the hospital and 1 month of rehabilitation center for recovery.

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