TERMS OF ENLISTMENT: READ THOROUGHLY ("ignorance" is not an acceptable excuse!)

Target Practice Location Has Been Acquired.

STEP 2: (IF you are only looking for a place to target practice, this offer is NOT for you)

We are establishing a "safe place (eventual permanent encampment)" for when the crap really hits the fan. I would like to establish a special encampment, a peaceful group, but we will still be bearing arms (2nd Amendment Right). We will never deliberately go looking for trouble, but we are not afraid to stand our ground either should anyone show up on our doorstep looking to start trouble and take what doesn’t belong to them. You MUST possess strong moral and Christian values. My slogan is: "Don't mess with us and we won't mess with you!" Pretty simple.  Or so you would think.


Some will still try to test us at some point, and we need to be ready for that too, even if it comes to the point of using brute force and weaponry. This is NOT a militia so get that idea out of your head right now. We don't riot and we don't protest. Anyone caught protesting or being involved in any rioting or looting will immediately be removed from our group. We keep to ourselves and protect our own. We don't accept felons, child molesters, bullies, wife beaters, child abusers or control freaks into our group. Color or ethnicity does not matter. There are no racial boundaries here. We are all made in the eyes of GOD and we are all “human beings” with EQUAL rights.


Everyone works as an integral part of a larger unit supporting everyone else in that unit. No wimps! VETS get this and I want as many vets as possible in our group. You must be willing to die for what you believe in, the bigger cause for what we represent, and that is freedom, not tyranny. Our veterans have already proved that they are willing to die for the greater good. Many have already paid a heavy price with their lives out on the battlefield and I salute them. They all deserve a Medal of Honor! We do not act like our enemies.


We do not beat, torture, humiliate, shame or degrade anyone. We all have our purpose and function that helps support our group. The hardest one to find will be an honest “doctor”. Doctors take bribes just to say that a death was because of the coronavirus and they know what they are doing is an evil lie, yet they continue to do it. Up to $50,000 per Covid-19 case filed!!! Honest dr’s are very hard to find these days. You must believe that it is “better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.”


You must be at least 21 to carry a weapon in our encampment. Anyone who is not in agreement with this rule need not apply. I’m not going to argue or debate over it. I’m still skeptical of allowing it at 21 so you are really going to have to prove your maturity to the group and that doesn’t just mean how well you can shoot. How well can you take direction? That’s the main question with maturity level. If you have teenagers that you can’t even control, don’t bother bringing them to the group.


Zero tolerance for people who refuse to respect others and do what they are asked, including pulling their fair share of the load. It’s all about maturity level. Anyone younger than 21 will need to be voted on in order to carry a firearm. If you win the majority vote, you will be allowed to carry a firearm. Some are more mature than others, I realize this. You become a man by acting like one and doing your part.


Please don’t get the wrong idea ladies, women are welcome to participate as well and I don’t mean just in the kitchen. If you can shoot, even better still (or if you’re willing to learn)! Maturity level has to be proven to the entire group. We will vote on issues pertaining to our group. No dictators allowed, not even myself. No lazy asses. Honest to goodness hard work will be expected of you and will be done on a daily basis.


I don’t care if you are a doctor or a dishwasher, we are all treated the same at our safe place. No more fast food! No more video games. We grow, fish, and hunt what we eat. We will be self-sufficient. We sanitize what common sense tells us to, not the over kill that COVID-19 is trying to dictate. It’s simply not necessary and is a huge waste of resources. We clean up after ourselves. Should we move our encampment, we will leave the area in better shape than we found it!



Becoming a part of our unit will not be easy. We will put you through a series of different tests and trials before you are allowed to enter our group. The first part being an online application to see if that leads to a face to face meeting. If the interview goes well, we will need to run a background check on you. We verify everything. If you are caught lying, you will be denied access to our group/encampment. No felons or drug users. No haters. If your ideology is different from that of our group, please do not apply. We need rational thinkers, not hot heads. If you have a service animal that only responds to you, they will not be allowed in our safe place. It’s too dangerous for everyone else in the encampment.


Do not apply if you have reservations about any of the following:

  1. If you believe the Coronavirus is a real threat (it’s not so NO facemasks allowed!)

  2. If you are a “sheep”, a crowd follower (you can be easily deceived)

  3. If you are a narcissist (there are other people to think about, not just you)

  4. If you don’t believe in the one and only GOD and BIBLE Prophecy

  5. If you can’t view things with an open mind (already brainwashed by mainstream media)

  6. If you feel something is always someone else’s fault (accountability, responsibility)

  7. If you don’t agree with our 21 yrs old to carry a firearm policy (strictly enforced)

  8. We have a strict, limited cellphone use policy (noncompliance – removal from group)

  9. If you don’t agree with our limited cellphone use policy (caught once and you are out)

  10. If you don’t agree with our Service Animal policy (it’s for the safety of entire group)


STEP 3: Apply online now to see if you qualify: https://hitch-a-ride.online/enlist


We will look over your application and get back to you. If you do not hear back from us within 72 hours that means your application was denied. I may still be working on the application when you visit so if you get a 404 error message that’s what’s going on so please check back a little later on. While you’re waiting take a couple of minutes and view the main content of our site to get a better idea of what we stand for and are trying to accomplish.

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