I deliver groceries for instacart right now and I don't mess with my phone while driving. It might be a little while before I can get back to you, but I will get back to you. That's a promise you can count on! I know the s*** is getting ready to hit the fan real soon so now is the time to act...

I drive Douglas County every day so I see and hear pretty much everything. I will be your eyes and ears on the street and will inform you as things get progressively worse (checkpoint locations, lockdown areas, food supplies, police locations, national guard posts, church closures, protests, etc). A regular, routine SPY for our camp or compound community. At minimum, I'm always armed with my GoPro!

I can pick them up for you without you having to go through instacart or leave your compound, and I'm a pretty decent cook with over 35 yrs experience.


DRIVER | COOK - .380 Military Pistol

I don't mind assisting with the meals, while at the same time manning my post with my pistol plus any additional firepower you may have on hand that I can use or borrow. I don't own any rifles right now. I qualified "expert" with an M16 so I'm sure an AR15 would fit right in with me. AK47 or shotgun would work too. Whatever it takes to win this battle with the devil (our GOVT).


If you would like to expedite our meeting, you can text me now and we can arrange a public meeting somewhere (ie Denny's) in order to protect the privacy of your camp or compound location. We can discuss any details at that time. I will reply as soon as I can stop to answer your text.


I don't place any faith in Mainstream Media. I will however from time to time, use Mainstream Media to show you the differences between Mainstream Media broadcasts (fake news) and REAL NEWS broadcasts. Anyone who is "awake" will clearly see these differences. These videos may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 of the US Copyright Law. The material is made available on this channel as a way to advance research and teaching related to critical media literacy and intercultural understanding, among other salient political and social issues. Through context, critical questioning, and educational framing, this channel creates a transformative use of copyrighted media. The material is presented for entirely non-profit educational purposes. There is no reason to believe that the featured media clips will in any way negatively affect the market value of the copyrighted works.