Mainstream Media Of Misinformation And Fear

The story came out of Paris... “False claims targeting billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates are gaining traction online since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, with experts warning they could hamper efforts to curb the virus.”

A "false" sense of "security" (review our section on: "snitches")

Walmart new rules

If any "fake" virus announcements are made while you are shopping... You will be locked in with no way out!!! It's easier to round you up and arrest you that way.

Grocery workers call out shoppers ignoring COVID-19 restrictions

While grocery stores remain open as essential services, some workers say they’ve seen shoppers linger in stores and treat it like a social outing, putting them at risk.

Walmart employee concerned after COVID-19 outbreak

Walmart mandating one-way aisles

Does anyone see what's happening here? One way isles? When they are ready, they will be using this "one-way isles" method to herd everyone to these allegid FEMA detention centers, some suspect even below the store, so no one can see what's actually going on. The centers look very nice and comfortable. Don't get too comfortable though, because you WILL be transferred to a camp outside of Walmart at some point in time..

Inside an Immigration Detention Facility as the Coronavirus Spreads

At an ICE detention facility in New Jersey, detainees are on a hunger strike to try to obtain soap and toilet paper in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Buzz: Teen mocks coronavirus fears by licking items at Walmart

He was arrested and charged with terroristic threats.

GOVT is always looking for a "fall guy" to blame for any incident that would make the GOVT look like the villains they are. Coronavirus is a HOAX my friends, so the definition of "terrorist" does not apply here. Guy was pointing out the hoax and that NO physical harm will come to you if you touch someone or touch items in the grocery store. Freedom of expression is gone. Human contact is gone.

Walmart to turn portions of parking lots into drive-thru testing centers for COVID-19 (KNWA)

Walmart to turn portions of parking lots into drive-thru testing centers for COVID-19 (KNWA)

Tulsa Walmart Offering COVID-19 Testing

They have BIG plans for us all, and it's not good

Wal-Mart Underground Tunnel System

More questions about mysterious Walmart closings

Wal-Mart Underground Storage Facilities I'm a truck driver and i entered a wal mart underground tunnel system to pick up a 42,000 Pound load. This place had a endless Tunnel you can hear my wife son & daughter they were fortunate to have seen this awesome place. By the way it was cold under this facility. Got lost for awhile but found modular office picked my bill of lading and headed out we were thier for about 3 hours.

More questions surround the the mysterious closing of several Walmarts, including one in Brandon.

Officers spill secrets of Admiral and Memorial Walmart

Police officers have made a video telling what is really going on inside the store.

Walmart Underground Tunnels NWO


NWO and the United States: upcoming martial law, closed Wal-Mart stores & FEMA camps

Getting tested for coronavirus at Walmart with Quest Diagnostics

As Christians anticipate the imminent return of the Son of the Most High, Bible prophecy indicates that the world will soon go through unprecedented changes, which will take the great majority of us by surprise. | Post-Standard reporter Chris Libonati recounts getting tested for COVID-19 at the new Quest Diagnostics drive up testing facility at Walmart in East Syracuse.


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